Website Grader

Grade your website in seconds. Then learn how to improve it for free.


Have your website found by more prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers by using DXG’s FREE Website Grader Tool.

Our website grader will give you a detailed breakdown of the performance of your website.
We use a powerful website grader that is powered by HubSpot. This Website Grader rates your website based on the following four metrics:


  • Performance
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • SEO
  • Security


Our Website Grader Tool gives you results based on performance, SEO, website security, and mobile responsiveness.

All result categories have a score out of 30, except for security, which is out of 10.

In addition, the tool gives you an overall score out of 100. For each of the above categories, the grader highlights the issues, strengths, and possible improvements.

Your website is your most important asset when it comes to attracting and maintaining business. So don’t delay, use our FREE Website Grader to grade your website now.